Meet Our Pastor

The Rev. Rick Donato was ordained an Anglican priest on June 3rd 2017. Shortly after his ordination he was given the opportunity to serve at a fully established parish but instead he opted to start a new parish. Since Then All Saints Parish has had its ups and downs. Some Sundays there are 40 people and some Sundays there are 4 but Fr. Rick is committed to making the parish grow and to the concept of radical hospitality!He served for 2 years as Canon to the Presiding Bishop of the United Anglo-Catholic Church and stepped down in April of 2020. Fr. Rick is a graduate of New Jersey City University where he earned a BA in History with a concentration in the Reformation era. He has had extensive training in preaching and pastoral ministry.While Anglican clergy may be married or partnered, Fr. Rick is single at present. Fr. Rick also has a Wedding ministry and is on WeddingWire. (https://m.weddingwire.com/biz/all-saints-wedding-ministry kearny/f35df89de43e79f8)Fr. Rick also works a secular job, as a Jeweler.

Healing Eucharist

Here at All Saints we believe healing is an integral part of the life of the church. As such, we incorporate a Rite of Healing of body, mind or spirit into every mass, thus making every mass a healing mass.

Holy Baptism

At All Saints we Baptize according to the formula in the Book of Common Prayer, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. We baptize infants, children and adults! In order to schedule a baptism at All Saints, contact the pastor In advance! 

Holy Communion

Here at All Saints We Have an Open Communion Policy!
All Are Welcome at God’s Table!

Holy Matrimony

Here at All Saints we believe Marriage is a sacred bond between two loving committed individuals regardless of race, age, gender or orientation.

The Church building

Sunday Eucharist is 12:00 Noon

Rev. Rick Donato & Pastor Peggy Holder-Jones   2 congregations in the same worship space! 

Pastoral Letter -Making Our Church a Place of Refuge and Not a Place of Fear or Hurt-

I write this message out of deep concern but also with hope, hope for justice, hope for change and hope for a renewed sense of what it means to be a Christian and the responsibility that all Christians have to uphold the principles of love and forgiveness, but also of Responsibility and transformation.

At present our Brothers and Sisters In the Roman Catholic Church are dealing with something that was once considered inconceivable but now has become all too commonplace. The issue of clerical abuse, in particular towards children. This is an issue that has plagued the Roman church on a public level for the past 20 years and only God knows how long prior to that.

While we at All Saints are NOT a part of the Roman Catholic Church and are Not under the Pope, we recognize that another branch of the Body of Christ is struggling and as such it affects the Body as a whole. Our hearts and our prayers go out to the victims of these horrific crimes committed by individuals who are supposed to be ministers of the Word of God and of the Sacraments of Gods Church.

Additionally we pray for Francis the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) for in the coming months the decisions he makes on how to deal with these criminal clerics will determine the fate of the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity, a job I do not envy.

Here at All Saints we are committed to the message of a Christ, that the Church is to be a place of refuge not a place of fear or hurt. We believe people shouldn’t feel unwelcome by arbitrary rulings, an over emphasis on money, or the fear that ones children are not safe.

As such we have adopted certain policies. We will not take a collection during the mass! We leave the collection plate in a place that is visible for all and whomever is able to give or can afford to may do so and whomever cannot afford to or is unable to is not made to feel uncomfortable by multiple church collections.

We also have an Open Table policy. That means All persons who wish to partake in Holy Communion are Welcome at the table. The Table belongs to God not to any one priest or church and God never turned anyone away and neither do we!

Additionally, our Sunday School that will begin in the fall will be taught in the main sanctuary immediately following the Sunday mass so that parents or guardians may have the option to stay with their children the extra half hour each week and be a part of their child’s spiritual formation.

Our adult and young adult Sunday school, for those who wish to make their confirmation in the church or for those who have not yet been baptized and wish to be baptized will also begin in the fall and classes will be after Sunday mass as well!

We Welcome All People with open arms and the Love of Jesus Christ!!
+The Rev. Rick Donato

Our Pastor Fr. Rick at Mother Susan’s Ordination as a priest


Join is for Sunday Worship At 12:00 Noon!         All are Welcome At God’s Table!

225 Washington Ave. Belleville NJ 07109


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All Saints Parish 

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225 Washington Ave. Belleville NJ 07109